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How to Play 3 Card Poker

Three card poker is an easy game to learn how to play. You really only have three decision to make. Whether to bet on Ante / Play, Pair Plus or both and if you play the Ante bet whether to raise your bet after you have seen your cards. This section covers all you need to know to get started.

Finding a Table

The easiest way to find a 3 card poker table at a casino is to ask the floor staff. Alternatively you can walk around and look for the tables yourself. Three card poker tables are unique in the fact that they have a Pair Plus betting spot on the table with two other spots - Ante and Raise.

Buying Chips

You're going to need chips if you want to play so simply place cash on the table and ask the dealer will give you change. The size of the chips will depend on the table limit for that table and you should ask for chips of a value or multiples of a value that you want to bet in.

Placing Your Bet or Bets

You have two betting options at the three card poker table. These are the Pair Plus Bet and the Ante / Raise bet. You can bet on either or both. More details about the bets can be found in our Bet Types section with detailed information on Ante / Play and Pair Plus. Once you have placed your bet or bets you will be dealt three cards.

Pair Plus

If you have bet on the Pair Plus bet only you now either win or lose. If you have a pair or better you win and are paid according to the pay table. If you have less than a pair you lose. If you have placed a bet on both betting options the pair plus bet remains until the hand is resolved.

Ante / Play

If you have placed and Ante / Play bet or both bets you now have to decide if think you can beat the dealers hand. If you decide you can you place another bet equal to the Ante on the Raise position. The dealer will the reveal their hand.

The dealer must have Queen high or better to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify you are paid 1 to 1 on the Ante and get the raise returned to you. If the dealer qualifies your hands are compared. If the dealer has a higher hand you lose both the Ante and Raise.

If your hand beats the dealer you win 1 to 1 on both the Ante and Raise. If your hand are equal both bets push. The Ante bet often has a bonus pay that is won even if the dealers hand is better than yours. These bonus pays typically start at a straight or better.

If you have also placed a Pair Plus bet any winning for that bet paid at the conclusion of the hand. Obviously you should always raise with a pair of better so if your Pair Plus bet is a winner you must raise to collect the win.

Cashing Out

If you end up winning or want to leave the casino you will need to cash out. If you have a small amount of chips you can take them straight to the cashier. If you have a lot of chips you can ask the dealer to color you up which means the dealer converts low value chips to higher ones. You can then head to the cashier to get your chips converted to cash.

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