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Three card poker is a casino card game that is found in both traditional casinos and Internet casinos. It was introduced to casino players in the mid 1990's and was developed from the UK game of Brag. It has several names including Tri Card Poker and Poker Three.

There are actually two separate games when it comes to three card poker. You have the option to bet on two types of outcomes either together or alone. Here at Three Card Poker Player our aim is to give you the complete guide to the game both online and offline.

Game Information
The following sections contain basic information about three card poker including how to play and the odds of each hand occurring. If you have never played before you should read these first.

Learn the rules for three card poker games including the various hand rankings.

How To Play
Learn how to play. From finding a table to buying chips through to cashing out your winnings.


Hand Probabilities
Take a look at the odds and probabilities of each of the hands in a three card poker game

Strategy & Tips
We outline the optimum strategy and list some useful ways to manage your bankroll.

Three Card Poker Bets
There are two types of bets available on the three card poker table. In the sections below we give you detailed information on both bet types including the house edge and best pay tables to look for.

Ante & Play
The ante and play bet is a bet to beat the dealer. Find out how to make the bet and how to win.


Pair Plus
The Pair Plus is a one play bet on your three cards only. Learn how to find the best odds.

Playing On The Internet
The sections below cover playing the game online. We review all of the three card poker games on the Internet and show you where to play. We also list the top rated online casinos and have a new players guide.

Game Reviews
We review the three card poker games found online and list where to play them


Online Casinos
Find out about online gambling with our beginners guide to online casinos.

Extra Information
If you want to play for free check out our Free Three Card Poker page where you will find free games. If you have not found what you were looking for then we have some suggested resources. Additionally if you have any questions or comments please contact us.



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